About Us

Our Mission

At Aether Protein, our mission is to provide you with high quality low cost protein and sports supplements. We believe in crafting great tasting, high-quality supplements that are good for you!

Passionate about health, performance, sport and community, all our supplements have been created alongside local manufacturers that cater to various dietary preferences. Our journey is driven by our goal to empower people while delivering a product that you'll love.

Proudly Australian Owned

Aether Protein is a business founded Sydney, born from the passion of sports, fitness, and the power of nutrition. As a company, we embody the Australian spirit of community, quality, and innovation. We are proud to contribute to the local economy by creating jobs, supporting Australian suppliers, and ensuring that every dollar spent with us benefits the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, it is centred on delivering high-quality, locally manufactured products at reasonable prices. We have the goal of delivering against our customers goals and providing value through community driven insights, aiming to offer a diverse selection of protein supplements that cater to everyone's needs.

We dedicate months to testing each of our products in collaboration with leading manufacturers and nutritionists. This ensures that every product we offer not only meets high-quality standards but also aligns with the latest scientific research in nutrition and performance.